My Encounter (Revised Version) ①-1

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Sep 19, 2018 18:12





日本語の練習では、「こんにちは。」のあいさつに対して、「何ですか。」と返事したことってあったっけ? と真剣に考えてしまいました。(続く)
It was literally minutes ago that I got to know about this native language option function.
What a neat function!

I have always felt that writing the same thing in different languages are not just made possible with impeccable grammar knowledge and translating skill.

It involves sensitivity to cultural, sociolinguistic and many other skills.
I think it is so cool to read a work beautifully translated with the right context in place.
I am not too good but I love doing it

My Encounter (Revised Version) ①-1

I would like to take this opportunity to share a very interesting experience I have had.

Half a year ago, I went to Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam for the very first time.
It was an amazing city, full of life.

I met up with some Japanese-speaking Vietnamese and was totally blown away by their Japanese. I was told that their salary could easily double if they spoke an additional language at work.

As a result, language speaking meetups flourished. The meetups attract mainly friendly and outgoing Vietnamese and foreigners.

It was at one of those meetups that I had the interesting experience I mentioned earlier. I went up to numerous people saying hi and had absolutely zero issue.
When I got to a Japanese lady, my こんにちは was met with "何ですか。"
Imagine my embarrassment, thinking I might have caused this lady some grief unwittingly somehow somewhere, I excused myself immediately with a fast "あ、すみません。"

Right after that, I scanned through memories of the practice exercises I have had in the past and for the life of me, I could not recall a question that went like this.

(to be continued)
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