Direct and indirect speech

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May 21, 2016 19:15
Direct and indirect speech
1. He says, "I'm going to Moscow next week." He says that he is going to Moscow next week.
2. She says to me, "I know him." She tells me she knows him.
3. I said to him, "I've seen this movie." I told him that I had seen that movie.
4. She said, «To be honest, I'm single." She said honestly she was single.
5. She said, "I kissed him in the nightclub yesterday". She said she had kissed him in the nightclub the day before.
6. My friend said, "I left my hometown in 1996." My friend said that he left his hometown in 1996.
7. " I'll be working in July," he said. He said he would be working in July.
8. I said to them, "I'll be busy tomorrow." I told them I'd be busy tomorrow.