It's His Life

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Sep 12, 2019 04:31
It's His Life
I already wrote about Chris Norman and this concert here. I liked some of his songs when I was 14. After that I listened to other songs and almost forgot about him. Recently I saw in the YouTube recommendations a link to video about him shooted in the 70s. I watched a TV show about him in the 2000s. I remembered this show but I couldn't find it when I was written my first entry about Norman. Today I did it. Time is merciless.Many rock-stars look pitiful when they try to repeat their success. Chris Norman is attaboy, in my opinion. I've been at his concert in my city. My wife and I were sitting in the front row. I was preparing to enjoy the concert, when Chris invited spectators' to come closer to the scene.The crowd began to dance in front of us. We had to stand up to see anything.I felt sorry that I couldn't see him because of crowding. I remember a man who danced much impressed. I was trying to shut him out during the whole concert.Chris apparently didn't want to sing for boring people sitting at the chairs. He wanted to see people get high on his music. He is still young at heart. I felt that when I was watching this concert on TV.