One More video about Saint Petersburg

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Sep 3, 2019 18:25
One More video about Saint Petersburg

I'd like to share with you one more video about Saint Petersburg. It's different from the video in my last entry.And it's not just that this video was filmed in the summertime. This video is too dynamic, and I didn't like it, at first. Saint Petersburg is often called "the cultural capital of Russia". It isn't a business city in contrast to Moscow. But then I think I understood what the director wanted to say. The years pass and generations change but impressive Saint Petersburg cathedrals still stand.Once I was one of the crowd and admired the sights of the city. I was wondering everything. I walked around the city all day and went to the theatres every evening. I could easily find the Rodin's hall in the city's most famous museum, the Hermitage. I really like his statues.Saint Petersburg is really beautiful.