The Math

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Nov 9, 2018 02:48
The Math
I'm terrible at math. I was pretty good at Humanities at school. I already wrote here that my son is in the first grade. Yesterday, when I went home after work, he said,"Daddy, I'm doing my homework, but I can't get a mathematics task". "Don't worry, I'll help you", I said. I read the task in his exercise book and mused. I've been trying to solve the task for about 10 minutes. I took a pen and paper. I tried over and over again. But I couldn't do that. Then I called to my wife. She went to the theatre with her colleagues yesterday. I knew that the play started very soon. I read to her the conditions of the task by phone. As soon as I read the latest word, she said the decision of the task. She has a degree in mathematics. Today, I have lunch with my colleagues. I had remembered this story and asked them that task. One of them has a degree in philosophy. He couldn't solve a task for the first grade, like me.The other one went to school with advanced study of mathematics. He wrote down the task to his cellphone and solved it in about 7 minutes. We came back to office and ask that task two colleagues yet. They couldn't solve it. Here that task. We have cat, a dog and a parrot.Their total age is 9 years. The total age of the cat and the dog is 6 years.The total age of the cat and the parrot is 7 years. How old is the cat, the dog and the parrot? Good luck!