«Parents are the best teachers»

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Mar 26, 2011 06:51 children parents education
In modern society there are two polar points of view concerning this question.

The first one says that a child should be by all means made up as a copy of its parents, so it's a kind of an unquestionable “must” for the parents to put their mental insides into the child's head.
Biology says that a genome is being formed due to inheritance from the parents and defines the key preferences of a human. Sounds like enough, but not all of the people think so.
The other opinion is that children should be left on their own, and parents should not intrude and stick their hands into baby’s fragile purity.

As for me, the truth is somewhere in the middle.
Bringing a new life to this world, we should care enough so that the baby could survive and have enough comfort to grow healthy, but too much of protection may not provide the offspring enough room to breathe. Needless to say, almost everyone in modern world has his own rules to this life, his own collection of stereotypes. Whether they were taken from someone as appropriate, or figured out by the man by himself in the process of growing up and further living, I don't think those rules could work well for anyone else. But it seems that that's what most of parents do to their children from the first day – teach them their life philosophy.
On the other hand, leaving a child on its own looks like nothing better. A small kid might yet be too weak to survive, he needs some support from his parents, some love (and plainly - food) in order to grow up and become strong enough to face “the outer space” of the modern society.

I think that the best thing parents can teach their child is to learn being a teacher to itself. Instead of imposing their points of view, gently help to develop the original vision that by no doubts every newborn child brings into this world.