Back 2 school.

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Mar 25, 2011 02:49
Hi my dear friends and readers who I don't know.

Let me introduce myself in brief.
My name is Maxim, I'm 25 years old. I was born, grew up and live in the city of Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.

I love studying languages. Though I'm not new to the service of lang-8, today's the first time I bought the premium subscription. There are few reasons why I did it, mm, but to tell the truth, I would prefer donating only if I had enough language slots in the profile.

Well anyway, starting from this week, I am preparing to take the TOEFL IBT, so I go to the language school once in two days. I decided to take the fast individual course in order to get familiar with the testing environment and brush up my English skills a bit, but the thing I am worried about is actually from the other kind... It's the lack of concentration.
As far as I know, the test is divided into parts that last about 4 hours in total with a small 10-minute break in the middle and that's what I find scary!! A thing like test requires one being in a quite attentive state, and for now it seems very difficult for me to be tuned on doing tasks for so long.

So I guess it's gonna be a pretty challenging experience. Gotta stock up some chocolates. haha

Well, the test is on the 2nd of April, so I still have some time. I'll also have to write some essays for my homeworks, so I would really appreciate any of your advices or corrections. Thank you in advance.

Bye-bye, have a nice day everyone~