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Apr 21, 2010 19:28
Today I will talk about my experience with math.
When I was still kid, first or second grader, I loved to learn new things. I was told that I am clever kid, but who had't heard that in that age? Everything was so simple.
Then came multiplication and I had to learn and remember all those combinations of numbers, like what nine times nine is. Hey, come on, did you really expect me to remember all that? I started to get worse grades because I was just so lazy to study more than necessary. Now I wasn't the genius kid anymore. My father was very angry at me and he forbade me everything except studying. Gah, such a boring thing! When I finally memorized it and started to bring home good grades again, everything was alright again. So my worth is based on my grades?
When I was eleven, I started to attend grammar school and spent there following eight years. I was one of the best in math. Maybe because math is based on logic and when you understand the problem you don't have to remember or learn anything. And I was such lazy student! My grades from history or another subjects that involved memory were just terrible. I was best in my grade and I thought that I was best of the best because even teachers praised me how good I am. I was so cocky.
I took entrance exam to uni and was easily accepted. But to my surprise I was now in classroom with people who were also the best in math in their previous school. Who would expect that people good in math would apply to study math, right? Stupid me. My pride was seriously wounded when I realised that there is someone who may be more clever that me. For long eighteen years I heard that I am so good and noone was better. Now there was plenty of people like that.
So right now I am in my fifth year and I can't say that I am one of the best anymore. Actually I am glad when I understand my lectures which I usually don't. I learned that everyone has their own limits and what humbleness is. But it still hurts a lot!
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