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Nov 14, 2012 20:26
Hi everyone!

Here is the deal:
I will answer any of your questions about language learning, including tips about courses and methods. You are a native English speaker and you will correct even a slight mistake of any kind (grammar, structure, etc.) in my articles.

I have been learning some of the languages over 15 years. I am the best in English, after comes French, German and Italian. I tried many methods and now I can tell that I know a lot about language learning. I know what it is like to study a language in a school 8 years and then being unable to speak. I know also what it feels like to learn a language alone, so I could speak when I was in a foreign country. There are millions of people who think it is impossible to learn a foreign language fluently. In spite of that there are millions who have succeeded, even in multiple languages. There are no language genes. Every polyglot would tell you that. Language learning is like everything in life, experience is what matters.

I am preparing to attend the CPE Cambridge certificate test and I want to get an A what basically means that I will need a score over 80%. In order to attain this score I am attacking each part of the test with the training that is similar to the real test. Practice makes perfect, so for the writing part I will do a lot of writing here.

Foremost I paid no attention to any language testing. It can be stressful and unfair. I still believe it but lately I saw the language testing from different angles. I need certificates for my professional career and the testing itself can point out weak points. For me, a language fluency is the ability to communicate well by speaking, writing, listening and reading. By preparing for the certificates I will improve in all these abilities.

If by any chance you are studying Slovak/Czech language, let me know and I will correct your posts.

Thank you in advance!