experience is the best teacher

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Jul 17, 2010 11:45
Today we hold a meeting which lasts for almost two hours. It benefits me a lot. As there is an old saying: three lines, there must be my teacher behavior. So learn from others experience is a must if we want to move forward.
The experience can be included as below:
1.See the things to be done and do it quickly. Which means you must be a person who can handle the situation in a few seconds. You must be swift minded, quick minded. You can see through the appearance to perceive the essence and perform a fast reaction.
2.Set a goal each day, never put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Only in this way can you keep in a situation which can be say efficiency.
3.Learned to set prioeities and make decisions. Sort the things and give each an order.
4.Preparedness ensures success, and unpreparedness spells failure. Be clear about the bottom line and act before it.
5.Learn to communicate with others efficiently and to avoid the unnecessary time which should be used for other important things.
6.Keep a positive mind in your work and it can affect others. The virtuous circle can benefit you a good working environment.
7.Know your responsibilities and do it efficiently. In a team you can’t let others standing there doing nothings but waiting for you.
8.Always planning your future. A man without distant care must have near sorrow. being prepared for any eventualities
9.Learn to be innovation.
10.Hard working and wiling to take responsibilities.
Above are the experience I’ve learned from my colleagues. Experience is the best teacher . I really really appreciate them. One man’s fault can be another man’s lesson. Hope I can perform well in my future job. A za a za ~~~~
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