The Difference Between Zombies and Human Beings

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Sep 7, 2013 20:04
I just watched the astonishing World War Z, which tells about human beings fighting against zombies. It occurs to me what the difference is between the zombies and human beings except zombies are undead and always eager to bite.
I think the most obvious difference is that zombies are retards.they don't have consciousness, they cannot speak or make use of tools, just like our ancestors. Secondly they are not socially organized like us. They fight and bite for their own and never care about other zombies, or show any mercy toward their fellow. Thirdly, they are more aggressive like wolves.
After all, as soon as human change into zombies, they just change into some animal like wolves or mad dogs. Unless we developed effective vaccine, we should hit them in the head to death, no matter whether it is innocent or not. Bacterias are innocent too, we kill trillions of them by sterilization.
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