Statement of purpose for a new job.

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Nov 16, 2015 13:43 job statement of purpose
Hello, everyone. I'm applying to get a new job as a professor in a University called EAFIT (in Colombia). I had to write a statement of purpose where I had to say who I am and why they should hire me.

This is what I wrote:

At this point of my career I start pondering about what could be the best path to follow and help me grow as a person and as a professional. I feel I’ve had the luck of being surrounded by people who have encouraged me and guided me through my professional development, those who always urge me to make good decisions and get success. Those people are the same who once told me about the opportunity of becoming part of the Eafit’s crew; I remember well, they talked to me and gave me the idea of moving abroad and thinking about living in Medellin, building up my professional future. I must accept that I never considered that option as a way of changing; leaving my city, my family and a part of my life behind. Nevertheless, the current and last semester of my career, I had the wonderful opportunity of being part of the conference given by missis Claudia Gil at University of Quindío where she explained us the opportunities and advantages that the Eafit University has to offer. That invitation kept running around my mind and I found out how important and prestigious Eafit is and how exceptional it would be to become part of its crew to grow up, to share, to improve, to work and to learn.

Describing or talking about myself is something kind of difficult, however, I’ll try to summarize my life in some words. Firstly, since I was a little kid I’ve been always surrounded by English, it has always being one of my passions due to I’m a musician and an adventurous young guy. When I was five years old, my mom gave a little piano and I started studying Beethoven’s sonatas. Sadly, finding information about Beethoven (one of my hugest influences) was really difficult, I had to go beyond and translate into Spanish what I wanted to learn; and the same happened when I discovered rock music and started to play the guitar. Besides classical composers, I consider that the best musicians are the ones who make rock, and I wanted to be one of those. I bought compact discs, I went to concerts and I spent, at least and I am not lying, seven hours per day playing piano or guitar; I really had the idea of becoming the best, it did not matter if I had to rise early and go to school, I preferred to stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning practicing. In spite of that, there was a little problem, what the heck were those men saying in the songs? Once again I had to translate information, not music theory but lyrics, a huge boost for vocabulary, so you can imagine how good I did at school, when teacher asked students to write twenty animals and suddenly a student appeared and wrote forty, it was me. Reading too many lyrics exhorted me to read more, so I entered to the amazing literature world and found another passion, reading. This is the main reason I decided to study modern languages. Being a teacher is something that I wanted to do, but I must confess that I wanted to study and teach mathematics, rather than literature or languages, I was a man of numbers, but that changed when I was finishing my high-school and an execrable teacher killed my dreams of being a mathematician. I had to choose what to study, I was sure that I did not want to study mathematics, so I decided to study languages. I was good with English, I loved to read and French did not seem to be a problem, so that is how I started.

Why do I say I’m an adventurous person? Traveling is something that I love and I have had the opportunity of experimenting. Last year I decided to start the most wonderful experience of my life, I hitchhiked South America, my amazing continent. The trip was a whole adventure, four months, eight countries, thousand miles and endless stories to be told. Now, what is the importance of this with my professional life? I’ve always thought that a real ‘educator’ is the one who educates, teaches, and fill students up with culture, the one who opens minds and shows the world. It is known that languages embody culture, each language is a different world, and teaching people about the cultures I have known and knocking stereotypes down is a fact that really makes me feel complete, like a hero. Basically, these are the main strengths of my professional development, mixing music with culture into dynamic classes, creating a funny and cozy environment for kids, teenagers and adults. According to Professor Stephen Krashen and his acquisition-learning hypothesis and the affective filter, the real learning comes to people who feel comfortable and enjoy the class, not to the ones who feel scared or bored; I totally agree with that, the funnier the class, the more people learn.

In these previous words I tried to summarize who I am, what I’ve done and what I like. On the other hand, I must accept that there are some weakness that I am looking forward to changing into strengths. The first weakness that comes to my mind is something that happens not only as a teacher, but as a person. As music, language is another passion and something that I wordship. If someone makes a grammatical mistake, I try, immediately, to correct him and teach him the right way of saying it; that happens to me in Spanish, English or French. I take the ‘teacher role’ seriously. Why a weakness? Because some people’s ego is so huge that they cannot admit or accept that someone they just know correct them, it causes some little and silly problems. Moreover, being so perfectionist is something that could be a personal problem, I prepare my classes, my games and activities and there is nothing I want more than having the perfect class (anyway, people are paying for education) and if I cannot have the class as I wanted and as I prepared it, I feel bad, anguished and meager. Fortunately, these little problems have different solutions –like everything in life- and I am pretty sure that EAFIT is going to be a magnanimous source of learning and strength, a perpetual cause of motivation, happiness and a professional and personal growth.

Thanks for helping me! Lang-8 rules!!
Greetings from Colombia.