What I wanna do in the coming year?

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Feb 10, 2014 16:04
What did I do last year?
1.I kept a good health the whole year.
2.I saved some money finally after working for two years.
3.I posted two apps in app store . But quite few visitors downloaded them.
4.Five years' relationship is maintained. Getting married seems a bit hard.

What I wanna and should do this year?
Firstly, I should find a really good job which I can devote myself to.
Secondly, I must finish my planned app which makes lazy people with same bobby or target together.So they can encourage and supervise each other.
Thirdly,I wanna buy a car.
Fourth, Plan a long trip. Do myself a photograph sets to keep memory of my youth.
And at last,Wish me married at the end of this year's festival.