Pride and Prejudice

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Feb 18, 2014 14:57
Thinking of England, the first picture appearing is the scene in Pride and Prejudice in which Mr. Darcy kisses Elizabeth Bennet in the country with morning fog around at sunrise. Such a beautiful scene makes my heart stop beating.
Elizabeth Bennet is a lovable girl who has a strong self-esteem.She loves reading and has her opinion when talking about something.
Mr.Darcy, a gentle man who is handsome and wealthy and well-educated.
Mr.Darcy met with Bennet at a ball and apparently interested in her at once.
But Bennet's parents and little sisters don't act so well-behaved which makes Mr.Darcy feel unfit.
And a ugly guy named Wick ham appeared.He lies to Bennet that Mr.Darcy do harm to him on purpose which makes Bennet sees Darcy with prejudice.
So one proud man and one women with prejudice fight with each other and fight to themselves cause they are in such love.
But Mr.Darcy is such a example of young people.Bennet finally recognized his kindness , wise mind and of course deep love.
I admire their love and who they are.
想起英国,浮现在我眼前的就是傲慢与偏见里Mr.Darcy和Elizabeth Bennet在清晨,雾霭中拥吻的一幕。