Recently,I always playing the casual games,"Qi Ji Nuan Nuan&qu...

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Oct 25, 2015 23:46
Recently,I always playing the casual games,"Qi Ji Nuan Nuan"is the name of the game.The ways of the operation is sample,just matches the all kind of clothes for Actress,her name is Nuan Nuan.If you match the proper clothes,you will have a "S".
At the very star,I feel the game very interesting,because i can obtain the wonderful clothes.But,when you game`s level become higher,the wonderful clothes is highly to receive.
Futher more,a part of player want to pass,they choose the higher level clothes,and they don`t care the collocations is beautiful or ugly.I feel very disappointed, so the player lost the original intention of playing the game
My English is poor,Please help me revise,Thanks:)