Do violent video games cause behavior problems?

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Jun 8, 2011 00:59
Many parents let their children play violent video games, and sometimes they share them playing these games.Unfortunatly, violent video games affect the brain of the children negativly. They cause behaviour problems, they try to imitate what they see in these games on their siblings or their partners in shcools which causes accidents, and they have a serious negative effect on the boys of a lower ability of education.

At first, Reseaches say that violent video games cause behavior problems as they make children agressive and lead to hostility.As well as, reseachers said that having played violent video games children bacame have the ability to apply what they see, and they might do so whithout awareness that they do harm to the others.As a result parents become astonished from the behavior of their children as they don`t know the negative effect of these games.

As the researchers said that the children became attractive to imitate what they see, therefore, the rates of children accidents due to these games increases every year.One of the Egyptian programms featured a mother who had two children, one of them killed the other with a knife, and when they asked the elder child what made him hit his brother with a knife, he said he saw the same action in the game of "the house of the dead".

Moreover, researches proved that boys who have a lower ability of education should not play violent games often, because they usually attracted to agression more than the boys who have a higher ability of education , and those boys are so because they feel themselves inferior to the others.

Based on this, parents should be careful of these games as they lead to very dangerous cosequences.Media should play a role in preventing these games by making awareness campiagn for parents who don`t know that these games can be causing accidents.