Is it more beneficial to try to keep as many old friends as possibl...

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Oct 14, 2015 05:35
Is it more beneficial to try to keep as many old friends as possible or should we strive for new friends as we go along in life?
Personally, I think that making new friends is more important for our lives. This is due to old friendships requiring more and more effort while yielding steadily decreasing rewards. They may even be harmful to our goals and dreams.

Whenever we make a new friend, he or she fits in our current life situation at least somewhat. We may see this friend daily at work or university, have a similar hobby or simply live in the same neighbourhood. This makes it easy, to stay in contact with our friend. However, as we and our friends progress in life, these factors often change. It becomes a hassle to stay in contact. Keeping up the friendship is not as easy anymore as before. Suddenly it requires a lot of energy which might better be spent elsewhere in our life.

Secondly, people change. And I dont mean superficial aspects like the haircut or our favourite rockband but the underlying goals and dreams which drive us. Being in highschool, there was not a big difference between the goals of my friends and my own. Basically we liked girls and computer games. Furtheremore, we were not very fond of putting effort into studying. However, now that I aged a couple of years, things have changed drastically. Although the goals of some of my friends have not changed at all, mine did change almost totally. I am not contend with just letting the days pass by anymore. Instead, I feel an evergrowing hunger for academic and athletic achievements resulting in a high motivation towards learning. Spending time with my old friends would make it harder for me to keep up my this motivation.

Lastly, at the time we met our old friends we were most likely at the same position in our life. This could for example have been the same year of highschool. However, as time progressed, so did our lives and careers. A couple of my friends chose to be contend with joining a company right after school and even started a familiy. Others enlisted at an university,in the army or travelled to far away countries for a long period of time. This makes it not only very difficult to stay in contact, but also limits the common ground which is the fundament of every friendship.

In conclusion I presented three reasons why it is more beneficial to let old friends go and try to find new ones that suit our position in life better.
Here comes another quick TOEFL-essay. I think I might be overdoing it with the long sentences, what do you say?