The reading passage casts doubt on whether Rembrandt painted his fa...

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Oct 14, 2015 05:11
The reading passage casts doubt on whether Rembrandt painted his famous painting himself. Three reasons are presented to support this claim.The lectures adresses these reasons and comes to the conclusion that the painting has in fact been painted by Rembrandt.

First, the professor claims that at sometime long after Rembrandts Death, someone repainted and modified the painting. The passage states that Rembrandt would have placed a great deal of detail on the clothes of the woman in the painting. However, according to the professor, after removing the "newer" paint, it became obvious that the woman was indeed dressed according to her place in society.

Moreover, the passage states that an artist like Rembrandt would not have painted incorrect shadows. But once again, the professors states that the removal of the second layer of color proves that the original painting by Rembrandt does not suffer from these inconsistencies concerning correct light reflection.

Lastly, the panel itself. Once again the lecturer says that the surprising feature of the panel, namely using several pieaces of glued wood together, does stem from the modification of the painting at a later time.

According to the professor, by taking these new developments into account, it does seem likely that the painting has been painted by Rembrandt after all.
Once again this a quick TOEFL-essay. Please pay especial attention to the level of clarity of thought.