Lost at Internet Auction

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Apr 6, 2012 02:40
I lost at internet auction.

The bidding stuff is one year volume of "CNN English Express" which is a monthly magazine for English learners. I have studied mainly based on this magazine for a past year.

The bidding price was a little over my budget. However, that is not only the reason why I couldn't one more click. I have a faint doubt if I should continue this way? According to feedbacks, some readers seems to be proud of reading it for decades. It worked out for my English improvement without doubt. I hadn't written English sentences like this. However, it should be one of means(measures?) rather than goal. On top of that, I haven't digest all of them. There are some parts( which I have) forgotten. Of course, it's important to judge whether I should study throughly or widely, but I can't help but feel anxious for piling up something uncertain.

At first, I'm going to run over throughly what I've learned this year. And then, Let's try some paperbacks, CNN, TIME, TED, and Michael Sandel for that matter. There are many ultimate texts on the net. It's time to go to the next stage!

Still, If I feel a neccesaty of "CNN English Express", I shall bid the auction.
Act on a case-by-case basis!


Thank you for reading my long tweet!