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Sep 13, 2012 22:39 Q:Skills
I’m using a textbook for building up my reading skills. It contains some articles; here’s a link to one of them:
Freakonomics, Laid-Back Labor: $140 Homemade Scarf

I’m going to summarize this article, but I have sentences I didn’t understand.
Here are these citations:

(A) The advent of the player piano -- a music-making machine that required zero talent -- drove the boom even further.
(B) By the 1920s, some 300,000 pianos were being sold in the United States each year, roughly two-thirds of them player pianos.

Sentence (A):
I didn’t understand how the word “even” was used in this sentence. The sentence means that the player piano is a music machine that can play automatically, so they don’t need any music talent. The advent of the player piano drove the boom.
What does the phrase “even further” mean? Does it emphasize the word “further”?

Sentence (B):
I didn’t understand the phrase “some 300,000 pianos.” Is there the difference between “300,000 pianos” and “some 3000,000 pianos”?

By the 1920s, 300,000 pianos were being sold in the United States each year; two-thirds of them, which were 200,000 pianos, were the player pianos. The rest of them needed players in order to play with.

I was very surprised at the fact that the player piano appeared so early. How does it work? I found a lot of pictures on Google Images:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=b3a2df860f31ed39&biw=1199&bih=931

They look out-dated, but very sophisticated. I assume that it works with gear wheels.
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