Unit 1: Assignment "Write a process essay"

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Aug 18, 2012 13:52 Q:Skills
How to start a Twitter

Twitter is a microblogging service; you just send up to 140 characters per one post. It is toao short to pass on messages to someone, but on the other hand, you can give only an important message because of the restriction of the number of characters. The service is totally for free, so you can start a Twitter anytime you want; you just prepare for the online connection and a digital device like a mobile phone or a computer.

The first step in starting a Twitter is creating a Twitter. Visit an official website "twitter.com," and push the Sign-up-for-Twitter button on the bottom. You need your name, e-mail address and password. After creating your Twitter account, you can start a Twitter anytime you want.

The next step is to register the users you want to follow. One of good points on Twitter is that you don't have to tweet yourself. Just follow someon you like. Many famous celebrites have their Twitter account.
For example, my best favorite actor is Alexander Skarsgard, who play a role of Eric Northman on the drama "True Blood." Unfortunately he isn't very popular in Japan, so it is very difficult to get some information about him. Twitter is one of solutions. Usually celebrites announce their publicities through Twitter, so you can easily get them. If you like digital gadgets very much, @lifehackorg may suit you. @lifehackorg is an official account for Lifehack, which is a website for compiling neat information on current life.

Then, you tweet something yourself. The topic is undefined on Twitter. It totally depends on you. If someone is interested in your tweet, you would receive a mention about your tweet. If you compain about a product you bought on Twitter, you would recieve an active support from the maker. This is becoming one of popular marketing methods on the Internet. Companies collect tweets about their reputation over the Internet and analyze them using the text mining method. If they judge a necessarity to support them, they send a message with Twitter.

It is simple to start a Twitter, but it is difficult to use it effectively. Don't be afraid of a new technology. There is no right answer. Twitter is one of information sources on the Internet.

This essay is a draft. In this assignment, I have to exchange opinions about the essay. Unfortunately, I'm a student and I don't have partners to discuss it. Could you give me some comments acording to the following points? You don't have to answer all the questions. I will use your comments to revise this essay.

1) Is the process described easy to follow? If not, where could it be clear?
2) Are there adequate supporting details for each major step in the process?
3) Are time words used to effectively sequence the process?
4) Would you enjoy trying or doing what the writer has described? Why or why not?