Ice Cube: for my dog

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Jul 15, 2012 00:46
The summer is coming even though the rainy season hasn’t finished yet. Rainy seasons usually finish in early July, but it still lasts this year. It rained heavily for two days and there were some bad floods on Kyushu island, where I live. Fortunately, my living area is safe.
You know, there was a big earthquake last year in Japan and it caused a severe accident on a nuclear plant in Fukushima, so the government decided to stop all of the nuclear plants in Japan. Electricity is too little to cover the amount of electricity to stay cool in a hot summer. The planned outage may carry out this summer, though it didn’t happen yet.
I can’t turn on a air conditioner during a day time, although my dog Charlie is in the living room alone. The maximum temperature in the middle of the summer is rising to 35 degree Celsius, so I’m afraid whether he is okay or not. I was looking for something to keep him cool without electricity and finally I found it!

It is called “Ice Cube.” Look at the picture on the left. It is the tag of it. It is a cube box made of non-woven cloth and it has three pockets to insert a chemical thing to keep cool. I’m not sure what is called in English. It can keep something cool during a few hours. It is reusable. You put it on the refrigerator after you finished to use it and you can use it next time. The material looks like gel. It is soft in a room temperature, but it turns hard and cool as ice when you cool it in the refrigerator.

Back to the story. I freeze two frozen ones and put them into the pockets. It keeps him cool while he is in there. He is a miniature dachshund, so he likes a narrow and closed place. This cube is suitable for miniature dachshunds. That’s why the company who made it used a miniature dachshund as a image character for this product. It is printed on the tag!
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