A new digital gadget: Kindle touch

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May 31, 2012 21:41
I finally bought a Kindle touch with Wifi, though I have the second generation Kindle. I thought I would buy a Kindle touch someday, but I couldn't decide the time to buy it because I didn't have any trouble when I read books with the second generation Kindle, though I sometimes felt the speed to turn pages slow.

There is a rumour that Amazon will provide Japanese books at the Kindle store, but I don't know when they do. That's why I couldn't buy a new Kindle. The second generation Kindle doesn’t have Japanese fonts, so I can’t read any Japanese books with my old Kindle. I will buy Japanese books if they provide them at the Kindle store.

I like reading books very much. I usually read books in English because I can read them with my Kindle. I don't want to increase books made of paper because they take much space to keep in my room.

I finally decided to digitize my books made of paper to make space in the bookself. There are a lot of small companies which digitize books. They are called a "self-cooking company." It's a kind of metaphor. We call it "自炊する(じすいする), jisui suru" when you scan a book and make a PDF file. This is a very sensitive matter because of the authors' copyrights. Some companies were sued by famous novelists and gave up running this business. Some of them are still running business. I ordered more than 100 books to one of them. It cost 100 yen per a book.

I was wondering which device I should use when I read a PDF file. I thought the time to buy a new Kindle finally came. I ordered it at the same time to order the digitization of the books.

My Kindle was delivered from the US in just five days. To tell you the truth, I could get it in four days, but I didn't notice that a notice paper was left in my post. The notice paper is called "不在連絡表(ふざいれんらくひょう), fuzai renraku hyo" in Japanese. I’m not sure the notice paper is used in English, but a home delivery driver leaves this paper if you are not at home when they deliver your package. You call them to tell the date you are available to get it.

It looks like this:

I was very surprised because it took more than 3 weeks when I ordered Blu-ray disks before.

I expected that I could see PDF files with the new Kindle touch more clearly than with the old one, but it didn't work well. The Kindle touch doesn't have enough dots to depict details in a book.

So I decided to use an iPad when I read PDF files. Actually, I already have an iPad. I bought it on the release date, but it is too heavy to hold it when I am reading a book, so I hardly used it.

I like an e-ink display like the Kindle. It is easy to read something even though it is a digital display, but it is likely to a printed paper.

I gave up reading PDF files with the Kindle touch, but it is very good to read books for Kindle books. I can turn pages and look up an unfamiliar word in a tap on the display. However, I have one thing where I dislike the Kindle touch. You tap a right part on the display when you want to turn a page forward and tap a left part when you want to turn a page backward. I am left-handed and hold it with my left hand and it is a little difficult to tap a right part when I turn a page forward.

I wish I could change the tap parts.
第2世代のKindleを持ってるけど、とうとうWifi付のKindle touchを買いました。いつかは買おうと思ってたけど、その時期を決めかねていました。なぜなら、第2世代のKindleで本を読むときに特に困ったことはないから。まあ、時々、ページをめくるのが遅いなあとは思っていましたが。

アマゾンが日本語の本もKindleで提供するというウワサがありますが、いつそうするかはわかりません。これが、新しいKindleを買えなかった理由ですが。第2世代のKindleは日本語のフォントを持っていないので、古いKindleでは日本語の本を読むことができません。もし、Kindle Storeで日本語の本を提供してくれれば、私は日本語の本を買うでしょう。




私のKindleはアメリカから5日で届きました。正直に言うと、4日で届いていました。でも、私は、ポストの中の不在連絡票に気づきませんでした。英語ではnotice paperと書きましたが、日本語では、不在連絡票といいます。英語でnotice paperといわれるかどうかわかりませんが、これは宅配業者が、受取人が留守のときにポストに残す紙です。受け取ったら、いつ配達できるか日時を知らせます。




Kindle touchでPDFを読むのはあきらめましたが、普通のKindle本を読むのはとてもよいです。タッチでページをめくれるし、知らない単語もタッチで調べることができます。が、ひとつだけ気に入らないことがあります。ページを進めるときは右側の部分を、元に戻るときは左側の部分をタップします。私は左利きなので、左手に持ちます。すると、右側の部分をタップするのは、ちょっと難しいです。