Charlie is sick

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May 9, 2012 20:09
I have something to tell you. I have a dog and his name is Charlie. He is a minuature Dachshund. He is always doing well, but it was wrong on Monday this week. He didn’t go out from his cage in the morning. He hardly moved and didn’t want to eat. I worried his health, and took him to the animal hospital after the work.
The vet checked him up, but he didn’t know why he wasn’t very well. First, he doubted that he might have hernia because miniature Dachshunds have long torso. My dog is one year old, so it was unlikely that he had visceral disease. However, the vet examine his blood for confirmation. The vet was very surprised at the result because the number of white blood cell exceeded the threshold. It was more than four times. He said that Charlie might be leukemia. He did further test and finally found out that Charlie wasn’t leukemia.
The problem was bacteria infection. We didn’t know why he infected bacteria.
Anyway, we give him pills every morning and night. He doesn’t like pills because they taste bitter. I have an idea. He likes wet dogfood, so I mix pills with it.
He takes pills and he is getting better day by day. It takes a while until he is full recovery, but I feel relieved when he is running in the living room.