A Magic Jar for soup

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Apr 15, 2012 10:33
I pack a lunchbox every morning. I don’t like cooking very much, so I want to buy a new lunchbox to cheer up my motivation to pack lunchboxes. I was looking for a new lunchbox on Amazon.co.jp and it recommended me to buy a vacuum flask for soup. It is called a ‘magic jar(*)’ in Japanese. Vacuum flasks don’t need any energy, but they keep the temperature you contain something into them for a while. That’s why it is called a “magic jar” in Japanese. However, it is also called “Thermos” because Thermos is one of the most popular vacuum flask companies. It is like Xerox.

I bought a food jar like this:

I make soup for breakfast and leave some for my lunch. I make minestrone or miso soup. When I eat soup at noon, it isn’t very hot, but it is still warm to eat. I am satisfied with this food jar.

The picture is a lunch one day.

(*) a magic jar: 魔法瓶(まほうびん) maho bin