Sick in bed

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Feb 20, 2012 21:44
I’m very sorry I can’t reply the previous journal. I have been sick in bed for three days. First, my daughter threw up at school last Wednesday and I took a day off the next day because I had to take her to see the doctor. She got better soon and she went to school on Friday. I felt relieved, but it didn’t end up the story. I threw up in the office several times and I couldn’t get up on the weekend. I couldn’t eat solid meals at all. I thought I got a stomach flu. I went to work today anyway, but I hadn’t eaten enough to work, so I gave up working soon. I took half a day off and I went to see the doctor. I asked him to make me infuse. After infusing, I worked up an appetite.
I am going to reply the previous journal tomorrow, but at first, I want to let you know I am finally well.

15 WED My daughter threw up.
16 THU I took a day off and she got well.
17 FRI My daughter went to school and I went to work, but I threw up.
18 SAT & 19 SUN I had been sick in bed and couldn’t eaten solid meals.
20 MON I went to work, but I took half a day off to see the doctor. He infuse me and finally I got well.
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