Memorizing the meaning of "jeer"

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Sep 6, 2011 06:04 dictionary
It is difficult to memorize the words if you don’t use them on your daily life. I try to memorize the whole words on a dictionary to build up my vocabulary, but sometimes I feel difficult to remember the meaning of the words because I hardly use the word I am memorizing.

The word I am memorizing this time is “to jeer.”

“To jeer” means to laugh rudely. The meaning of it isn’t difficult but it is easy to forget because I have no opportunity to use it. So I will make some sentences to memorize it.

Bennet jeered Parkman.

Both of them are characters of an American drama, “HEROES.” It is my daughter’s favorite drama at moment. I watch it every day.
“To jeer” is a negative word, so it is difficult to make sentences.

Supporters jeered at the mistake a player on their side made.

I don’t know how to say “on their side.” Supporters I wrote are fans of a baseball team. They have a favorite team, of course. I mean the player belongs to their favorite team.