Spam within Lang-8

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Aug 28, 2010 03:25
Fellow citizens of my beloved Lang-8,

I'm writing now only in English because my brain is still working for the dissertation which is due on September 9. (And I haven't started writing my 'ichi-man' 10k words report yet T.T)

I noticed for some time now that there are emails being sent to me telling me that they are someone who wants to know me better. I suspect that they are scammers trying to befriend people here in Lang-8 for whatever evil purposes. I say those email are scams because you can google it and find the exact same message or it just sounds so commercial.

One example scam message:

/Hello Dear Greetings, (
/私はあなたのプロファイル、今日見て、あなたに興味を持ち、私はまたあなたの詳細を知るに好きに/なると、私はあなたが私を返信する。ので、私はあなたに誰私は知っていますし、私はあなたのため/に私の美しい画像を与えることができる相手はare.Here私の電子メールアドレス/(が使用して、私を返信知っている。私たちはここから移動すること/ができます知っていると信じて1つの別の! (その時代の距離や色をしています。私は幸せなを見/てあなたから、おかげで応答し、祝福のままになります問題が生活の中で愛の事項の割り振る)をし/ていません。愛するジュリエットのあなた\'sさん

/Hello Dear Greetings,
/My name is Miss Juliet Maxwell.
/i saw your profile today and became interested in you,i will also like to /know you the more,and i want you to reply me. so i can give you my beautiful /picture for you to know whom i am and i know whom you are.Here is my email /address ( use it and reply me. i believe we can move /from here and know one another! (Remember that age distance or colour does /not matter but love matters allot in life)I will be happy to seeing a good /responds from you,Thanks and remain blessed. Your\'s in Beloved Juliet.

My fellow citizens I am writing this out of concern for you guys. They can be very dangerous. Also in internet in general you should be careful. If you ever recieved those kind of emails pls report to the admins. Their number will just keep growing and I hope the admins will take action on this growing threat. If you know the admins pls give them a shout. I don't know how to contact admins just to let you know.

I will be corrrecting your entries again as soon as I'm finished with the ichi-man goku no dissertation. Really missed you guys and your everyday experiences!

Ganbatte Kudasai!

With regards,