Somebody help me, please.

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May 23, 2013 12:28
Somebody help me, please. I need quick help!
I`m gonna have a presentaion in three hours.
Could you correct my script quickly?

Here is some of my script.

I brought two papers here.
Here, You can see the name, Gim Eojun.
I watched a video clip by chance in 2011.
It was that Gim Eojun had a speech at 청춘 festival in 2010.
Gim Eojun said these three points there.

1. 내가 욕망의 주체다.
2. 어렵지 않다 그냥해.
3. 당장.

#1. There is no one who is important to myself more than me.
I went out of my home in 2010 winter and never came back for a year, because I could not get along with my mom at that time. I knew that it could hurt my mom, but I wanted to live apart. I had only 600,000 won after paying to rent a house.

#2. It’s not hard. just Do it.
I had to make a living on my own two feet. I got a full-time job at SkyLife, sold the product to foreigners. I earned some money and I did what I wanted to do. raising a plant, swimming , going ck to club, playing the guitar, taking beautiful pictures, investing in stocks , traveling. I went to Yeosu Expo three times to find a job, but I quited after getting a job. that’s because I realized it was not what I wanted.

#3. Right Now.
I never thoght about death, but the meaning ot death came slowly to me. One day I thought, What if I die tomorrow? I needed to put priority on what to do. Theses are the one that I will regret if I don`t do and accomplish. I think Life is very short.