I'm 26.

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Aug 23, 2013 18:52
I'm 26.

I'm out this morning to study my major and English.

I usually study at 10 and finish at 7 at night.

I sometimes stay at home , but not very often.

I don't know my major very well, but I try to learn programming very hard.

It doesn't rain very often these days, so It's a little hot. Actually very hot.

when I'm 28 years old, I'll go abroad.

How much does it cost to fly to San Francisco?

If I drive, I will have a car which doesn't use much gas.

What color will it be?

Maybe, it'll be red.

At that time, Cars will not use keys.

These kind of conversation will not exist.

"Where is my key?"

"Here's your key"

Do I ever do something for my dream very hard?

I'm playing in my dream field.

There' a goal.

How are my soul?

very good!

How old is she?

She is very young.

I'm having dinner at home today.