A Rainy Day

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Apr 8, 2010 17:40
The weather today was definitely not my favorite; it was so cold and rainy. The sky was covered by the gray clouds, and the pedestrians were in a rush on the road. When it comes to rainy season, my mood seems to be influenced by the weather and inclined to be depressed. Despite the weather is similar to the city where I come from, I still feel dispirited about it and my energy seems to be dripped little by little like the rain.

Even though the routines and chaos of life exist everywhere and they are clearly unavoidable, I found myself having lost the ability to express my feelings since I have worked here years ago. I hadn’t kept diary since I have worked for the company, and devoted time and attention to handle the tasks at work. Gradually I ignored listening to myself and neglected the importance of the things such as learning, friends and health that I used to cherish a lot.

Until recently I managed to have time to do something I am fond of, such as taking a course and painting and the life has been turned totally different. I really appreciate for the changes in my life.