Visiting the "House of Magie" in Blois

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Aug 6, 2016 01:22
Yesterday, we went to visit the "House of Magie", which stays just close to the chateau de Blois, on the river Loire.
When we arrived in front of this old house, we were surprised because of the six dragon heads greeting us through the fensters of the building, moving themselves thanks to sophisticated hydraulic systems, fearingly growling at us.
In the hall, a magician showed us some of his tricks.He was very impressive: we were just close to him and didn't see nor understood anything!
Several rooms came after, where we were amused by optical illusions; then we attended a magical show and finally we discovered the "hallucinoscope", a kind of path you follow with a mirror ahead of your eyes, so that you seem to be surrounded by monsters, threatening skelettons and whisteling snakes, walking on a broken wooden bridge over the vaccuum.
This tour was quite interesting and sometimes very funny.
If you travel and visit the chateaux de la Loire, remember this place, it is rather worthy.