My home town

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Apr 9, 2010 15:50
There are some cities that I can call my home town in this world. For example, Tokorozawa in Saitama pref. is the city where I grew up and lived until 19 years old. I spent my adolescence there. It was a young city with a lot of nature at that time just like me myself being young. LA in the US is my second home town where I stayed my twenty’s and met my x-husband. As a foreigner I had a hard time to adapt myself. However, more I had hard time the more I got satisfaction. It is unforgettable place for me as well. After that, I moved several places to live. So, I can say I have several home towns in this world. But the most important home I think is not a place, but a person I belong to… my family, especially, my mother, wherever she is, that is my home town.
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