How to use japanese おもしろい/ Omoshiroi (interesting, funny and fun).

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Oct 12, 2010 11:07 Japanese omoshiroi おもしろい Funny interesting fun
Adjective おもしろい/Omoshiroi has basically two meanings.
One is 'interesting', another one is 'funny', they are used in vary situation.

You can use Omoshiori in conversation like following examples.

The movie that I saw last night was interesting.
ゆうべみた えいが おもしろかった!/夕べ見た映画おもしろかった!
I think we rarely say きょうみぶかい/興味深い in ordinary conversation.

He is a good comedian, isn't he? His story is very funny!

Sometimes we use this word instead of fun.
They are plying game, that seems fun!
あのひとたち ゲームしてる、おもしろそう!(Of course you can also say たのしそう instead of おもしろそう.)

Japanese, Omoshioroi /おもしろい has these meanings so sometimes I get confuse fun, interesting and funny in English.

In case I should say 'interesting', I say 'funny':(

By the way, the movie that I saw last night was not good.

But I enjoyed an atmosphere of the theater and chatting with my friend while drinking cocktail after the movie.

I attached some photos in today's journal. Two of them are the theater, the rest is sweets that we found on the way to the theater.

In addition, I uploaded jazz band's movie that we saw last night in the street on Youtube this URL below.

Thank you for reading:)
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