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Aug 12, 2017 06:54 翻訳
One of the banners which regularly pop up on the right side of my lang-8 page, Fruitful English, gave me a quiz.

Q: How do you translate the following sentence into English?


I tried, but it was actually quite a poser.
I wrote it in several different ways.

1. Recent frickle weather put me in the situation that I'm not sure if I can go for a walk every day.

2. Due to unstableness of the recent weather, it is uncertain that I can go for a walk every day.

3. Because of the recent frickle weather, I'm not sure if I can go for a walk regularly.

Here you go. Be my guest!
Please take an axe to my rubbish English composition, as usual, dear friends.

Oh by the way, I don't have an answer example. This was a quiz which had to be submitted by the end of July, and I didn't. Sorry!

いつもlang-8のページの右側に出てくる広告、Fruitful English が、お題を出してきた。

Q: 次の文をどう英語に訳す?