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Aug 29, 2011 00:08
A professor of philosopher came into a classroom with his bag. After the class was started, he filled a big bottle of mayonnaise with some stones which are about 5 centimeters big without any words. After filling it, he asked students if the bottle was full or not. The students said it was full.

Afterwards, he took some small stones out of his bag and filled the bottle with them. He shook it to fill it up, then he asked again if it was full or not. The students said it was full.

Then he filled it with some sand and he asked same question again. The students said it was full that time.

However, he took a can of beer and pour it into the bottle. Beer was soaking into the sand. The students couldn't do anything but laughing.

'So', he said after they became quiet. 'Your life is like this bottle. And the big stones are most important things for you such as your family, friends, and health, etc. If you lost everything except them, your life would be still full. The small stones are other important things. Your work, house, car, etc. The sand is the other things, I mean, not important things at all.'

'If you fill a bottle with sand', he continued talking. 'The bottle cannot have a space to put stones. Your life is the same thing. If you spend your time and labor doing worthless things, you cannot have time to do important things for you. What is important is to think about important things for your happiness. Going out with your girlfriend, taking a time to play with your kids in the future. You can always take time to spend working, having a party. Think about stones. It is really important thing, because the other things are just sand.'

Then, a student raised his hand and asked what beer meant.
The professor smiled and answered, 'It is a good question. I wanted to show that if you feel your life is full, you always have a time to drink beer.'
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