My Husband

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Mar 30, 2017 10:35
Last night, I looked at myself in a mirror. My husband smiled and crack a joke,"Hi, dear, don't look at the mirror anymore, you see, you are becoming older and uglier." I was a little angry and said,"So why are you still together with me." My husband said,"Because I love you more and more as time goes by,although you are older and uglier than before." I replied,"why can't you say you are the most beautiful woman in my heart." "We should seek truth from facts." My husband said happily and ran away immediately. I ran after him, caught up with him and beat him heavily.
昨晚,我在照镜子。我老公过来,调侃到:"嗨,亲爱的,别照了,你越来越老,越来越丑啦!"我有点生气,说:"那你还要和我在一起。"我老公说:"虽然你越来越老,越来越丑,我还是越来越爱你。"我说:"你就不能说我是你心中最美的女人吗?" "咱得实事求是不是."老公开心的说完赶紧遛。我追上他把他暴打了一顿。