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Jun 30, 2016 23:22
Recently, My friend said that he loved a girl very much and was very kind to her, but the girl paid no attention to him, he was painful and can't understand why doesn't the girl love him? Hei, don't think of it anymore. it just like she love apples very much, but you use all your money to buy a lot of bananas to send to her. Then you say you are moved by yourself because you have paid a lot for her. Why she is not touched? Oh, the reason is easy, she just like apples, you are not her cup of tea.
最近,一个朋友说,他爱上了一个女孩,对她特别好,但是那女孩不理他!他很痛苦,不明白为什么女孩子就不爱他!好了,别想了,傻瓜,这就像她喜欢苹果,但是你用你所有的钱买了一卡车香蕉送给她,然后你说我对她那么好,我自己都感动了,为什么她不感动呢? 原因很简单,她只喜欢苹果而已,你不是她的菜!