Plant a Pomelo Tree Together

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Mar 15, 2017 16:42
My parents gave me some pomelos. This morning, my family ate them together. Suddenly, my son picked up a little white thing and said,"Look, mummy, this is the pomelo's seed, let's plant it together." I smiled and said,"Ok, that's a good idea." We immediately fetched some soil back with a flowerpot. Then we raked the soil, pressed the seed into it, covered it lightly. At last, my son said happily,"Ok, from now on, I will water it frequently. One day, it will grow up and bear a lot of pomelos."
我父母给了我很多柚子。今天早上,我们一家一起享用柚子。忽然,我儿子拿起一个白色的小东西,说:"妈妈,看,这是柚子种子,我们一起来种吧!" 我笑着说:"好啊!好主意。" 我们马上一起用花盆取回了泥土,然后一起松土,把种子埋下去,用土轻轻的盖上。最后我儿子说:"好了,从今天开始,我要经常给它浇水,有一天,他会长大,长出柚子。"