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Jan 16, 2016 08:30
My son and I had maizes together last night, each of us had a maize in our hand. My son said:"let me have a little of your maize, Mom." I took two niblets from my corncob and put them into his mouth. Then I said:" Now please let me take a bite of yours ." On hearing this, my son took the two niblets out of his mouth and returned them to me, saying:"Well, you only gave me two niblets, but you will have lots of mine just for one bite."
昨晚我和我儿子一起吃玉米,我们人手一个玉米,我儿子说:"给我吃点你的玉米吧!妈妈。" 我从玉米棒上抠了两粒玉米粒放进他的嘴巴,然后说:"现在让我吃一口你的吧!" 他马上把他嘴里的那两粒玉米粒拿出来还给我,说:"算了吧,你只给了我两粒玉米粒,但你一口就会咬掉我好多玉米粒!"