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Jul 6, 2016 18:06
After we had visited HongKong, we went on to Macao. Buildings in Macao are not as tall and dense as the buildings in HongKong, which made us feel much more comfortable. Macao is a city for leisure and entertainment, because gambling is legal in Macao, there are casinos everywhere in Macao. In the famous Casino Lisbon, we saw a person losing at least ¥30000 in 10 minutes time. It was really exciting. Macao is a city abounds with gentlemen, whenever we waited for elevator with local men, they would let us get into the elevator first. Macao has few traffic lights, once we wanted to come across a zebra crossing to the other side of a road, but a car was coming, so we stopped to let it go first. To our surprise, the car stopped before the zebra crossing and the driver gave a sign that we went across the road first. It was a happy experience.What not so good was air conditioners were turned to a very low temperature in every places, which made us feel as if we were in refrigerators.