Who is More Important

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Feb 22, 2017 21:31
In my heart, I always think my husband is more important than my son. When I told my husband about this, my husband said," Is that true? but you spend a lot of time accompanying him while spending little time with me. You are rather worried and buy a lot of medicine for him when he was ill while pay no attention to me when I am ill. Most of his clothes are bought by you, but you have never bought any clothes for me." Hearing this, I thought for a while and was surprised to find that all he said was true.
在我心中,老公比孩子重要,我告诉我老公我的想法。我老公说:"哦,是吗?你每天花大量的时间陪他。基本不陪我。他生病了,你着急啊,买一堆药。我生病了,你基本不理。他的衣服基本是你买的,我的衣服你从来没买过。" 听了这些,我认真想了想,唉!还真是全部争取。
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