Chinese Foods

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Feb 14, 2016 20:48
Chinese foods are famous for it's perfect composition of"colour, aroma, taste, appearance". It's fans spread every corner of the world. Chinese foods are not only multifarious, but also have various cooking ways for one food. For example, we can cook fish by frying, boiling, steaming, deep frying, baking and so on. Different cooking ways result in different tastes. But, due to the differences in cultures and national conditions, many foreigners may can't accept some of Chinese foods, they may think these foods very strange.For example, we eat organ meats such as pigs' brains, kidneys, livers , hearts and so on. but many foreigners think organs are very dirty and they don't eat them. I am curious why they eat goose liver, Isn't goose liver also organ. One more example, we eat dog meat, which is prized as a nutritious winter time dish that doctors can prescribe to treat diseases such as impotence and poor circulation. Many foreigners think dogs are people's friends and it's very cruel for people to eat dog meats. I don't know whether people should eat dog meats or not. In fact, In some areas of China, people think cattle are hard-working animals and have helped people a lot, so they don't eat beef.