Study Hard, Boys and Girls

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Jun 17, 2016 20:44
In China, Chinese education is called exam-oriented examination, which is focused on raising the children in taking exam to gain high scores. Only if you get a high score in the college entrance examination can you enter a good university. So Chinese students need to do lots of homework and practice. Then they begin to complain the education system, at the same time, they begin to envy the students in the west, where the students don't have any pressure at all, they have various holidays now and then. Class is over at 3:00pm. the teachers are much better too. they always encourage their students with great patience. It seems as if as long as you don't act too badly, you can obtain praise from your teachers. While Chinese teachers are always strict, if I praise you, that's because you are really great. All these make Chinese students feel unfair. However, my students, appearance are often deceptive. In the USA, A student who neither go to cram schools nor spend much money on learning talents and skills can't have chance to enter a famous university.
Generally speaking, unless you was born with a silver in your month, otherwise, no matter you are in the west or in the east, you need to work hard to be an elite.