Happy Father's Day, My Dear Daddy

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Jun 19, 2016 22:43
Today is father's day, I called my father to wish him a happy father's day and sent him a red envelope of ¥300 through WeChat. But my dady refused the red envelope. He said he didn't lack money and he would feel happy as long as we are happy.His greatest wish is his kids are happy and safe.
This special day evoke me some warm memories. When I was six years old, I was very lazy and often needed my parents carry me in their arms.Our neighbours thought my parents were spoiling me, my father said, "Now she is young, I have the opportunity to carry her in my arms, when she grows up, I won't have the opportunity to carry her even if I want to."
Daddy, Happy father's day, I love you, Tomorrow I will go back to visit you and make some dumplings for you.