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Jun 17, 2017 22:06
One of my students was eating Zinger Burger in my night class. I said, "Haha, you have been caught by me. I will tell your headteacher." The student said, "Oh, please don't do that. I will buy one for you too." I said "no" to him firmly. "What about two Zinger Burger." I still said "No" to him. He finally said, "Three. I can't give you more." I said, "Ok, it's a deal."
晚自习有个学生在吃鸡腿堡。我说:"好啊,被我抓住了。我要告诉你们班主任。"那个学生说:"老师,不要,我也会给你买一个的。"我坚定的说:"不行。"他说:"买两个。" 我还是说不行。他最后说:"三个,不能再多了!"我说:"成交。"