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Jul 21, 2016 13:57
A couple get along very well with each other. During the past 30 years, they had never quarreled. A journalist asked the husband how they did it? The husband smiled and answered, "Well, my wife and I knew each other in a foreign land, when we just got married, I took my wife back to my home, at that time, we had a dog in our yard, the dog barked at her when she came into our yard, my wife had a glimpse at the dog and said, "this is the first time." When my wife came into our house, the dog barked again, my wife stopped and said, "this is the second time." However, when my wife went out of the house, the dog barked at my wife the third time.This time my wife said nothing, she took up a knife and killed the dog. I was surprised and said, "you needn't be so rude to the dog." My wife turned and looked at me, saying, "this is the first time." From that time on, we have never quarreled again."