Please Stop Domestic Violence

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Jun 21, 2016 14:35
Yesterday a sad thing happened in my residential community, a woman fell from the fifth floor and died. The police are investigating this case. The woman's husband said the woman suicided herself, but some witnesses said the woman had a violent quarrel with her husband and was pushed down from the fifth floor by her husband. I was shocked by this message while my mother-in-law was very calm. She said, "This phenomenon is not uncommon, especially in some rural areas, during my life, I have already seen several women were beaten to death by their husbands, these bunch of bastards. " I was even more surprised and said, "Why didn't they decide to divorce with their husbands." My mother-in-law said, "Because of their low income and children, generally speaking, women in the rural areas are farmers and earned a little money, if they divorce with their husbands, the children will awarded to their fathers, in this case, the children will become very poor, and all the mothers can't stand it. so they usually don't divorce with their husbands. " "Can't the law publish the men who beat their wives? " I asked again. My mother-in-law replied, "Of course the law can, but as an old saying goes, even an upright official finds it's hard to settle a family quarrel. So most time, law is not so effective towarding a family quarrel. " I was speechless and felt great sympathy for the women of domestic violence. A country, where the men don't know how to love and respect their wives is of no future at all. Hopefully the whole society will pay attention to the domestic violence. I think the fundamental solution is pay high attention to the boys's education since they're very young. Knowledge improves one's quality and changed his behaviors.
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