My Hometown

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Jun 6, 2016 19:22
Because of the college entrance examination, I had four days off, I decided to go back to my hometown to visit my parents. Summer has come, it's very hot in the city. My colleague said that we will dry up in the sun without air conditioner.When I arrived my hometown in the countryside. I felt much cooler immediately. Everything is so familiar to me. The land was cultivated with rice, cotton and vegetables, the wind smells very good. There are plum trees and peach trees full of fruits all over the mountain. In my small yard, the strawberry tree is full of red bayberrys, which taste a little sour.This tree has been in my small yard for twenty years. No matter it's windy or rainy.He waits in the small yard.In my next life, I wish I am a tree, because once the tree is planted, it won't move away anymore, In this case, you don't need to apart from your family.
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