Love Your Parents Just Like Love Your Children

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Jun 18, 2016 20:40
This is a story of my friend Lily. My friend's parents are both farmers. they don't know much about modern technology. But two years ago, when WeChat become popular in China, they learned how to use WeChat and became their daughter's WeChat friends.Because Lily had many WeChat friends, she didn't realize her parents were her friends until one day she said she wanted to eat meatballs and the next day she found her mother was waiting for her at the door of her house, carrying a box of meatballs in her hand.My friend was very angry at that time, she felt like she was being watched. So she asked her mother why they add her secretly. Her mother acted like a child who had made a mistake, she hung her head and said that they just missed her very much and wanted to have more chance to see her photos and know more about her life. Then her mother said, "If you don't like, we won't use WeChat anymore."
After hearing this, my friend felt very ashamed of her behavior.From then on, she never speak to her parents rudely again.